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Friday, August 31, 2007

Osamu Tezuka's Comics Grace San Francisco

What a fun trip! I got to hop to San Fran for a day this week to see several museums. The Osamu Tezuka exhibit at the Asian Art Museum provided the "excuse" to do it all! And just seeing Tezuka's originals made the trip worth it! Some casual visitors may not look past the cartoony characters and the cute kid's appeal. However, if it looks so simple, it's all because of the magic of a master! This level of skill in visual storytelling remains rare. Tezuka can present very complex concepts and emotions with elegant and perfectly clear drawings and well-timed sequences. His page layouts seldom miss a chance to enhance the storytelling. The impeccable shot selection, the variety and appeal of his textures, his fine control of value, his huge range of visual special effects, and his beautifully balanced compositions really make him someone worth studying again and again. Yet, beyond it all, his stories and characters project a great love for life and humanity -- a grand message! And if this weren't enough, I loved the galleries of the deYoung museum (including the photos of the sea by Hiroshi Sugimoto) and saw a few powerful paintings and photos at the SFMOMA! Pffff! All in a day's work!!


Blogger Sara said...

SanFrantasic, Mac! Isn't it great that you love your work?

I got to see the expanded MOMA when I was in NY the last time. Amazing.

8/31/07, 10:44 AM  
Blogger Anna M. Lewis said...

Whoa!!! And this was work??? How cool!
I just checked out all 3 links... great collections! Did you have any favs?????
You definitely Got Art this week!!!!!!!!!

8/31/07, 1:45 PM  

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