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Friday, January 26, 2007

Dupuis Starts Two Superb Comics Collections for (Very) Young Readers

The Belgian veteran comics publishing house, Editions Dupuis -- the original home of the Smurfs and Marsupilami, has just launched two graphic novel collections for very young readers in French-speaking markets. Under the labels of Punaise et Puceron, each collection shares the same goal: helping children read on their own. Puceron includes graphic novels with almost no text to match the reading comprehension levels of 3 year olds and above. The art gets high marks for cuteness and clarity (especially "Petit Poilu"), and the stories bring a few good chuckles! Page counts on the first two titles total 32. Graphic novels in the Punaise collection feel very much like traditional all ages comics, save for the stories and characters appealing to ages 6 and above. The first three volumes have 48 pages each. The beautiful art complements gentle adventures with more complex characters and plots. All these books, or "albums" as the French call them, have a hard cover, quality paper and color printing. Such thoughtfulness, passion, and attention to details are wonderful ways to edit, craft and manufacture graphic novels for young children. Who's up for doing the same in the U.S.?


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