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Thursday, January 18, 2007

SCBWI Bulletin Gives "Comic Lessons"

The SCBWI Bulletin always brings good vibes when it shows up in the mail. The Bulletin is the elegant newsletter that comes with a SCBWI membership. It does a terrific job at keeping alive the spirit of friendly community you find at annual SCBWI conferences. The latest issue covers learning resources about comics. Yeah! In the feature section, "The Illustrator's Perspective," contributor Anne Sibley O'Brien shares her own experiences about what helped her master this unique art form. Scott McCloud's books, Understanding Comics and Making Comics, get a lot of (deserved) mentions. She also has an overview of her own graphic novel making process on her website. Yet, the best experience she shares in her article is what's between the lines: get pencil to paper, and create your own children's graphic novel! That's what I'm doing!!


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