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Monday, November 27, 2006

Intrigue, Betrayal, Adventure and Courage in Boston 1775

Massachusetts, April 19, 1775. The "shot heard round the world" sparks the American Revolution and alters the course of history. Many events relating to the Battles of Concord and Lexington between the American colonists and the armies of King George III have grown into pop culture legends such as Paul Revere's ride. Yet, the turbulent intrigues and momentous power plays that rocked Boston long before that pivotal day have received comparatively little attention.

That will soon change!

The detailed plot of Boston 1775, my first book-size graphic novel for children and adults, is almost finished. Two fictional characters will have to choose between freedom and servitude as their paths cross those of historical figures (Sam Adams, Phillis Wheatley, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Dr. Joseph Warren, General Thomas Gage, his "American" wife, Margaret Kemble Gage, and many more).

Stay tuned!


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