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Friday, June 26, 2009

Back from Orbiting Florida

What a blast, that trip to Florida! And I’m not calling it a blast just because I got to see the take-off of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter launched aboard an Atlas V rocket (though that was AWESOME, even from 10 miles out, standing on top of my rental car!). The conference was a blast in its own right. The organizers had a ton of energy and good-will! The participants in the Graphic Novel workshop had the perfect combo of perspectives: agent (and former editor) Mark McVeigh provided professional insight and anecdotes from the editorial and business side, Jarrett Krosoczka, who previewed his first kids GN, Lunch Lady (very funny and action-packed!) broke-down his process and journey as an artist, and I demystified the big concepts of the medium. A big thank you goes to Linda Bernfeld, Gaby Triana, Janeen Mason, Christina Gonzalez, Pascale Mackey, and all the other volunteers who worked their hearts out to make this celebration of children’s books so fun and productive!


Blogger said...

Hehe, I can imagine you on top of your rental car taking this picture =)
Salut Mac! Thanks again so much for all the good stuff you shared with us at the Illustrator Intensive and the Graphic Novel Track. We learned so much, and had such a fun time with you! Thanks also for your help and kindness, we very much appreciated it =)

7/2/09, 4:41 AM  

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