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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SPLAT! Blog Round-Up

The computer is fixed! Time to catch up on many things! Thanks, friends, for the kind notes while my workhorse was having a bad case of the stripes!

Splat!, a NYC event, brought together some top movers-and-shakes in the graphic novel business, and I'm rounding up some blog posts. Publishers Weekly, Stephanie Ruble, and Fleen had nice summaries of the various panels. Only Publishers Weekly covered the panel with editors and agents on submitting graphic novels. The Written Nerd gives a more bookstore-centric perspective, with sprinklings of Scott McCould sightings and quotables. Focusing on Brian Wood, The New York Post lists his advice for breaking into the business (and Dallas at Del Rey Manga comments on each suggestion). The role of webcomics continues to mystify and Fleen gives another post on the webcomics panel alone, complemented by a brief commentary by Man-Size on how the web offers new freedoms for artists. Based on Armrace, the autobiography panel seemed less valuable than other panels. Finally, the most impressive coverage goes to Karen at Pen in Hand for her ink and watercolor live sketches of the panelists!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Bad Case of Kernel Panic

Yesterday, I drove my iBook urgently to the ER of the Apple store (they call it "Genius Bar," but believe me it felt more like an ER moment!). I thought my workhorse would hold up for another year, but it kept giving me a "multi-lingual" command to shut it down every time I started it up. Thank God for backing up (20 days ago! a-hum...) and for the helpful iBook doctor at the Genius Bar who helped me get the more recent files, including my latest graphic novel manuscript! Sigh...! Now my iBook is in flight somewhere to a Mayo clinic for clunky iBooks (and I should be able to get it back some time next week!). It's gonna be a lonely week...