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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Tip: Margins on Originals Provide Finger-Space and More

Nothing earth-shattering for this tip, however I'm always surprised when students and aspiring comic artists show me their originals with only a quarter of an inch or less between the edge of the paper and their beautiful panels! Ample margins have multiple purposes: plenty enough room for holding without risking putting your fingers on the ink lines, a protective band (if you drop your fancy sheet of paper and bend a corner, or knock over a coffee up or ink bottle), a playful space for tiny graphic experiments and notes-to-self, and finally a "framing" look that gives the original page a greater aesthetic appeal. How much is enough? No rule, but I'm happy to see a 1-inch minimum. How about you?


Blogger chia said...

what if you work digitally?

2/7/08, 4:28 AM  

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