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Friday, April 20, 2007

Dining at the Rebels' Media Headquarters

When time allows, which is rare (!), I have been writing the script for Boston 1775, an all-ages adventure-heavy graphic novel of historical fiction. Piecing the story together took about ten years of research in books, journals, websites, libraries, museums; ten years of taking notes, photos, sketches, videos; and two trips to Boston to see first hand the backdrop locations of Boston 1775, such as the Boston Commons, Paul Revere House, the Lexington Green, and so much more!

Photo of the Union Oyster House, the printshop of Isaiah Thomas, in Boston, Massachusetts
On both trips, I had dinner at the Union Oyster House (great food!). Leading up to the Revolution, this building housed printer Isaiah Thomas's quarters. On the second floor (now one of the dining rooms), Thomas printed the Massachusetts Spy, a patriot newspaper brash in its support of the rebels's cause, which often included engravings by Paul Revere. Yet, Thomas and his various printshops have another lesser-known connection to American children's book publishing. He was one of America's first children's book publishers, having printed several editions of the popular 18th century New England Primer!

Gotta Run! Got A Second Act To Grind!


Blogger John said...

Ugh, Mac...

That's awesome...I didn't know you wrote. Sounds very interesting and the fact that you've been researching for 10 years I'm sure you have all kinds of beefy facts and stories. Very cool!

4/20/07, 11:35 AM  

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