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Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Received my CWIM'09

No, it's not a chemical compound, a texting abbreviation, or a constellation! It's the latest edition of the Children's Writers and Illustrators Market, edited by the adorable Alice Pope! I just began reading it and already found that it's so exciting to see how editor Allyn Johnston cares about "perfect words in perfect places" (Mem Fox' words), how Kirby Larson "anchors" her dialogues to carry the storytelling in every line, how Cecil Castellucci wants us to fall in love head over heels with our characters, and how some picture books seduce you with terribly flirtatious first lines! And those are just the articles I read so far!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 2009 Children's Writers and Illustrators Market Is Out

Interested in publishing children's graphic novels? Hurry and get your copy of the 2009 Children's Writers and Illustrators Market fresh off the press. Edited by Alice Pope, the 2009 edition includes a detailed survey I wrote about children's book publishers interested in graphic novels and the submission formats they prefer. Thanks to my pal and amazing illustrator, Pat Cantor, who first alerted me about the release of the 2009 edition! For up-to-date info and news about the world of children's book publishing, consult Alice Pope's funny and insightful CWIM blog as well.