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Thursday, August 02, 2007

From One-Illustration per Page to Many Panels per Page

Illustrators wanting to refine their visual storytelling skills and writers curious about graphic novels from the point of view of the visual artist will learn about the techniques to designing clear, fluid, and powerful graphic novel pages in the "Illustrations in Panels: Composing Graphic Novels" workshop. This SCBWI session (Friday Aug. 3 at 11:45am) serves primarily illustrators. However, writers who wish to write manuscripts more suited to this medium will appreciate the insight into the artist's creative constraints and challenges. The "Illustration in Panels" workshop will launch with having you put pen to paper right away (no need to draw like a pro - stick figures will do!). Then we'll explore the concepts and principles of comics page layout (such as guiding the reader's eye, prioritizing your panels, creating rhythm and emotion, etc.). Another hands-on 2-3 minute exercise will follow before the Q&A. This workshop acts as a solid complement to the workshop on "Writing Graphic Novels" (Sunday Aug. 5, 10:45am). See ya there!


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